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Review of EssayAce.co.uk Writing Service

I recently had an experience with an essay-inclined site for the very 1st time. As a 100 level student and with a discipline like Social Sciences, I discovered only too late that I should have honed my essay skills. See, I’m not much of a wizard with words; I only got as far as a B for English in my final exams in high school. I’m not one to indulge in long hours of search online because I would get easily distracted.

EssayAce.co.uk review

Why EssayAce seemed a good option

How did I end up at EssayAce.co.uk? Well, three weeks into my discipline, we were given an assignment in Demography to find out the peculiarities in the cultural perspectives on the marriage of a local tribe of our choice. I chose the Masai tribe, found in Eastern Africa. I have always been captivated by the different shades of African culture, and I decided this would be my opportunity to learn more.

Unfortunately for me, I could be a tad careless when it comes to parties. I was due to submit it on Friday afternoon, but on Wednesday evening, my bestie had a party. I woke up on Thursday morning with a headache, and pure confusion as the realization hit me that I had limited time to forward my essay. So I decided to surf the internet, in hopes of finding a service to help out. Then I stumbled upon the site.

Review of EssayAce.co.uk Writing Service

I was very intrigued by the outlook of the site. The theme, fonts, and pictures used reflected a level of professionalism, so I trudged on. The customer service boasted of a chat system and a toll-free number as well. I saw the following benefits spelled out within the reasons why they were the most preferred:

  • Responsive customer service, on ground 24/7.
  • Plagiarism-free end results.
  • Timely and speedy work period.
  • Having the best writers available.

I tried checking for any of the writers in order to take a peek at their experience level. I found none. Undeterred, I decided to look around a little more before ordering and zoomed into the “About Us” segment. That’s where all the niceties ended.

The paper I ended up with

Staring at me from my screen was grammar so lamely constructed one would think a translation app was used to piece the paragraph together. I thought they got it wrong in just one segment of the site, therefore I visited another. I observed the same thing. And to put the capstone on the whole ‘check-out’, I decided to read other people’s essay service reviews.

By this time, I was getting impatient. I scrolled through the five or six essay reviews, and they were all positive. No single complaints or backlashes. This would have prompted me to at least try and order a service, but I stopped short when my eyes saw the dates on the reviews.

EssayAce.co.uk review samples

They were four years ago! I desperately tried searching for any recent EssayAce.co.uk writing service reviews but found none. At that moment, I had a thought: if these people have been active all this while, do you mean to tell me that none of their clients agreed to put in a good word for them after that year?

My conclusions

With all I saw on the site, I wasn’t encouraged to entrust my priced essay topic into their hands. And I won’t recommend it to anyone else. Save your money and do your research yourself – and please don’t party two days to your submission.

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