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Review of OzEssay.com.au Writing Services

My interactions with writing services online took an interesting turn over a month ago when I had to bite my lower lip. Not because I enjoy doing so, but to keep myself from screaming due to the money I lost to a set of ‘writers’.

Review of OzEssay.com.au Writing Services

I am a very busy young woman. With my thesis submission being due just before the Yuletide, my plan was to defend it successfully and spend the holidays with my parents. I had not seen them in three years. With my plan carefully drafted, I set out to look for a reliable, trustworthy site that could help me achieve my plan. The thesis topic was “The role of medical prescriptions in overall evolvement of resistant-strain microbes”. Microbiology was the subject. I have been having a relatively stable score, and worked towards keeping it that way.

Finding OzEssay company online

I came across OzEssay.com.au review on a site. The essay service was praised for being reliable, trustworthy, on time and the likes. The number of positive essay writing reviews was so high that I got a little skeptical. I decided to check the website for myself.

Well, what do you think? They were right! For the fact that it was a U.S.-based company created for Australian folk made me commend them for smart thinking. I recalled reading a writing company review on OzEssay.com.au and seeing some negative assertions. The review was pointing out the grammar issues and the rude nature of a specific staff who handled the toll-free phone number. I brushed it off without a second thought. Haters, I thought.

Promises vs. Outcomes

I went on to take a cursory look at every nook and cranny of the site. I could not find any data validating the credentials of their over 7500 employed writers. That’s a whole lot if you ask me. If they really employ that huge a number, kudos to them.
On reading their reasons for being the ‘best’, I found the following points:

  • Highest standards of papers possible.
  • Owning the latest plagiarism-detecting software.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Timely delivery.

Review of OzEssay.com.au Writing Services

Next, I scanned through an OzEssay.com.au essay, and was quite happy seeing quality on display. The paragraphs were properly arranged, the given topic touched meticulously in every aspect. The chat box was another place I enjoyed exploring. The people I talked with were helpful and polite – a guy first, then a lady. They showed me other ways I could use various segments of the site. They also encouraged me to make an order and relax while they get my topic done.

I decided to get a little detective-like. I have an application my boyfriend installed on my laptop as a gift. Though it didn’t have a name yet, it was capable of doing word count on any essay, as well as checking for the little other things. I took a portion of the sample and fed it to the application; my own double-check. The results were appalling.

Review of OzEssay.com.au Writing Services

“Original” paper I got

The text had so much overuse of certain words, it was watery in general, and it was 52% plagiarized! Just the small portion of the essay. I wondered how the rest of the text would fare.
OzEssay.com.au got my love for a well presented domain, but I won’t recommend it for anyone to use. Find another site to order essays from. Plot twist: check their samples for yourself.

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