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Research Paper Writing Services Reviews 2023

Review Of Writix.com Writing Services

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Academized Reviews Overview

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EduBirdie Review 2023

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StudyClerk.com Review: A Professional Essay Writing Service

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Review of EssayShark.com Writing Services

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Review of SameDayPapers.Com Writing Services

I never trusted essay writing services, I thought that even my worst paper would be better than if some unknown dude wrote it. But this year I somehow managed to fail my term paper on macro environment analysis – the draft was returned to me three times and I was running out of ideas whatRead More …

As you are looking for the best research paper writing service reviews, it is crucial to know what factors must be considered when making your choice. Unlike the typical college essay paper, working with some research means that one must provide a synthesis of already existing works with a list of reliable sources. In addition to that, one must seek an argument that reflects the main subject that has been chosen without any plagiarism issues due to numerous quotes and paraphrasing. As a result, it takes more time and effort to get done and still keep within every point of a grading rubric. It is one of the reasons why so many students turn to online writing help. In order to help you stay safe, I came up with the custom research paper writing service reviews that I have tested by approaching them with a sample order. 

7 Best Research Paper Writing Services 

1. EduBirdie 5/5

Starting at $13.99 per page, it is one of the safest and high-quality services for any research work regardless of complexity and the subject. 

As I have turned to their customer service, I was told that I can talk to several writers from their list to choose the right person. It was a great relief since I could read user reviews and see more information about the writer. 

Placing my order, I could talk to the expert and clarify every issue I had. It has allowed me to receive the final paper sometime before the deadline. The paper has been flawless with the proper formatting, references page, and zero plagiarism. It is safe to say that my research paper has been written from scratch. 

According to one of the users in the reviews you can read on the website,

EduBirdie has got an eagle eye even for the slightest of subheadings as they’ve followed my research paper instructions with precision.” 

It is exactly the reason why I gave this paper writing service review 5 stars! They will take care of every detail and do not have anything that is less important to make things perfect for you! 

2. Writix 4.9/5 

Since every research paper will require a research proposal (it cannot go without another), I have thought about a service that handles this task. Writix offers just that at $13.99 per page. According to my experience, research proposals must be very good before you can start with research. My order had to do with English Literature and it has been followed according to my instructions. 

“My order was completed timely and as instructed. Ellah was professional and delivered a well-written essay. I recommend her as a writer and would pay for her services again if needed.” 

Reading this review, I have chosen Ellah for my research proposal and found out that she could also assist me with the rest of the paper. It was good to know that you could cooperate with the same person. Trusting the best paper writing service that you can meet, my expectations have been fully met. The final result has been perfect with no plagiarism, had a correct formatting, and a great implementation of all my ideas. 

3. StudyClerk.com 4.5/5

Starting from $18 per page, it is safe to say that you will receive a good paper with no plagiarism issues. This service always stands out in my research paper writing services reviews because it is convenient and does not have any hidden price. All it takes is to understand how it works. They also include an outline in the price, which helps to see whether your writer understands what is being asked. The reviews are mostly positive as well with the listing of every expert that has helped in each particular case. 

“Done well ahead of time on a very slim deadline. Work was clear and well researched. Would recommend to use” 

My order has been delivered on time and required no revisions because all the aspects have already been discussed. The service has provided professional proofreading and a short explanation of every point, which is helpful for students to stand behind their research papers. 

4. SameDayPapers. 4/5 

Here I had prices starting from $23.25 if I want to receive a good paper by turning to a premium feature, which is required for research papers. You can talk to your expert and discuss all the necessary questions. The most important here is to ask questions, remember about free revisions, and check things yourself as well. My paper had two revisions, which were mostly cosmetic, yet for a higher than average price, it had to be avoided. 

“This writer was very easy to work with and he never complained when revisions were requested. He followed the instructions very clearly and delivered a quality paper before the timeframe. I would recommend this writer and use his services again.” 

Indeed, my expert did not complain and did free revisions right away. Just make sure to provide all the necessary information for your task. Speaking of the deadline, it has been met. The paper had no plagiarism issues. 

5. Papersowl 4/5 

In this particular case, you can bid for the best price among the writers. It means that you may get a bargain unless you choose their “premium” or “platinum” feature. It stands for higher quality. I have decided to place an order for an advanced type of research paper in Psychology. The final result has been plagiarism-free. Considering that it is a fully legit service, I have checked it with Turnitin and received satisfactory results. 

While it is not the cheapest company to deal with, it has found its way to my paper writing services reviews because it has 566 writers to choose from and the company provides custom content that can be checked via several plagiarism-detection systems. 

“I needed my assignment to be finished within 2 days and she finished in 1 day. Really helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend.”

My research paper has also been finished earlier and the writer has been polite and helpful. 

6. Essayshark 3.5/5 

Turning to this service, I have received $25 per page of text, which is much higher than average. The price became available only when I had placed my order for 4 pages within 2 days before the deadline. The total price was quite steep, yet I hoped for the best. The reviews at the website had only short “good skills” or similar comments, which was a bit suspicious. 

“Grammatical and sentence structure errors.” 

Unfortunately, the paper has not been properly proofread and also contained a couple of grammar errors and repetitions. There were no plagiarism risks though and the paper has been submitted on time. Still, for the price I have paid, grammar and spelling had to be checked. 

While it is not the worst, yet it is not the best research paper writing service because I had to check my paper for mistakes that simply did not have to be there. If you are a foreign student with no language skills, look elsewhere. 

7. Academized 3/5

According to my experience, 1 page with a deadline of 3 days has resulted in $20.99. Even though the final paper did not have any plagiarism, the paper has been delivered 20 minutes later than I have specified. The paper has been formatted in a hurry as I have noticed an entry that did not belong to my research paper and has probably been left in from another template. 

The customer service has told me that my paper has been complex and the writer had to complete additional proofreading. Considering the price and the complaints, this paper writing services review receives only three stars because it is not the right attitude. 

“I can describe Academized in three words. Reliable, quality, and quick. These guys are real professionals when it comes to writing and you can trust them with your assignment without any doubts.” 

The service’s reviews are mostly positive, yet it wasn’t the case with me as the help I have received could be better. 

FAQs on Research Paper Writing Services

  • How to choose the best essay writing service

First, you need to analyze if you need specifically Canadian Or USA writing service. Does your work have something to do with the some regions or its specifics? Do you have special requirements that can mostly be met in the US and Canada? If the answer is yes, I’d recommend turning to a specialized website like Writix. If not, you are free to choose from a variety of the best international services.

  • Are services in your research paper reviews legit? 

Yes, I have included only legal services. I always check every company and keep things verified in terms of plagiarism and safety. 

  • What is an average 1-page price for a research paper? 

It starts from $14 for a single page. However, it will always depend on your deadline, complexity level, and the service. 

  • What paper writing websites would you recommend for the best communication? 

It is definitely EduBirdie. The SameDayPapers service comes as the second entry. 

  • What should be included in a typical research paper? 

As a rule, it should include a proper formatting template, title page, abstract (if necessary), research paper outline, the assignment itself, and the bibliography page. Make sure to check that professional editing is also there.