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Review of CaseSolutions.com Writing Services

When my friends started getting better grades on their Commerce case studies and research essays, I was intrigued as to what could be behind it. Particularly due to the fact that they could afford to window-shop at the local mall while I was constantly neck-deep in one assignment or the other. Not that I’m not smart, but I tend to use more time to assimilate a research topic before putting out search terms.

Review of CaseSolutions.com Writing Services

This time around, I was asked to compare the economic developments of two countries that were once one – The Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My research was due in 7 days from the given day. I then decided to seize the opportunity to find out their secret. Over lunch, I got to know what had boosted their GDP.

They kept talking about a site, CaseSolutions.com and how it was the “new” thing, how they got to pay paltry sums of money for really good essays that were delivered on time. My curiosity got the bigger part of me and I asked to be introduced to this site. I was given the link and I opened the site the moment I got home.

How CaseSolutions.com has impressed me

My 1st impression? The site was remarkable! The structure was good, user-friendly and professional. When searching for what they considered as their strong points, I found out that they prided in:

  • Offering great support through their chat and toll-free numbers.
  • Being the number 1 writing venture in the field of academics.
  • Being able to answer any question asked.
  • Unique solutions from the scratch.

Review of CaseSolutions.com Writing Services

I was also pleased to read that they had other various payment options excluding PayPal and credit cards. Going through each writing service review on CaseSolutions.com, I felt everyone showed a sense of satisfaction, and it’s what I wanted. I wanted to read the portfolios of the highly skilled writers they claimed to have. I didn’t see any. Oh, well, I thought to myself as I read through the process of placing an order.

I found their chat support extremely helpful. They kept assuring me that my paper will be in the best of hands, and I should not worry but endeavor to make the payment. In my opinion, I felt like I had gotten enough proof to convince me that CaseSolutions.com writing had style and genuine intentions.

Not so impressive outcomes

But when I got to the prices, I panicked. The amount placed for 1-3 pages even in the cheapest package was ridiculous. I contacted the chat support to see if I could get something more or less on my own level. They helpfully reduced the pricing for me, and I ordered my paper. It came on time and I got a chance to see it. I think I would have written it better. I contacted the chat operators to complain about my order. To my own surprise, they told me that I got exactly what my money’s weight could carry and there was nothing they could do about it! I wasn’t even given a chance for my work to be reviewed.

Review of CaseSolutions.com Writing Services

I won’t recommend this service for anyone’s use. Character and manner of approach is everything, even if your services are God-endorsed. Until these smart alecs fix their attitude, I will be fixing my essays elsewhere.

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