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Review of EssayBison.com Writing Services

I don’t know at what moment exactly I realized I want to pay for my essay, maybe it’s me being tired at the end of the semester, or my least favorite subject epidemiology, or the fact that I waited for too long and the time before deadline was running out. Review of EssayBison.com Writing Services Anyway I tried to google the title of my paper connected to hospital-acquired infections and a couple of EssayBison.com essay writing services reviews popped-up, so I decided to give it a try.

All the good things come to who signs up for EssayBison

The first impression from the website added to my confidence in the service: it’s classic, well written, and easy to navigate. Review of EssayBison.com sign up

Ordering the paper is not hard and you can do it directly from the front page in just two clicks.

I found more essay writing reviews on the website and in general there was nothing that would turn me off or suggest that there is a high chance of EssayBison.com scam. But all that mattered in the end is how they are able to manage my paper, right? Review of EssayBison.com

Choosing My Perfect Writer

I must say that one of the best things they advertise is possibility to choose your own writer. But for me it was the hardest thing: the EssayBison writers were pretty reserved in their messages; they said that they understood the requirements and knew how to write my paper, but didn’t talk about it in detail. Actually, I think if I was trying to sell my writing I’d probably do the same – why disclose my ideas if the client can use them and not pay for the order? Review of EssayBison.com writers Anyway, I chose the cheapest writer with good reviews (it was the end of the semester and I was low on funds). But I think this didn’t affect the quality of my EssayBison.com essay. There was no plagiarism, no grammar mistakes or wrong sentences. The writing was good, the writer used real life examples as she promised. So I have nothing in particular to complain about.

The Final Count

Now my paper is long submitted and I can finally relax on a well-deserved holiday. If I had to assess Essay Bison writing on a scale from 1 to 10, then the overall service score would be 8.5. To break it into details:

  • Prices – 9/10 (after all it’s more than advertised)
  • Customer Support – 10/10
  • Convenience of the website – 10/10
  • Quality of paper – 8/10 (good but not perfect)
  • Payment system – 9/10 (you pay after the order is approved, but you do need a credit card to make an order)

Even considering some nuances, I think these people deserve a good EssayBison.com essay writing services review. I will definitely consider ordering another paper with them.

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