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Review of eHomeWork.ca Writing Services

If I get stuck on homework or a business proposal sample, even though I’m a student, there are some writing services I won’t even think of. Some sites are just crooks in suits; they are out there to the tune of their own pockets and the detriment of the students. Unsuspecting youth walk into their trap and are threatened with exposure if they file complaints or mention anything about a refund. Although most of them write on their sites that they have an active ‘money-return’ guarantee, they barely keep to it. They behave like pitcher plants; money that goes in rarely comes out. eHomeWork.ca review

Ordering a paper on business-related topic

As a guy who’s working his way through university, I tend to get choked up sometimes. This even involves projects and assignments. Here’s one such instance where the requested document was so bad I got a call from my lecturer. The theme was on “Creating potential contracts: the pros and cons”. It was an informal course in the discipline. Each student was asked to create a proposal to a large company where they will try to convince the company why signing a contract with a smaller company (represented by the student) is going to benefit them. I chose a wheat-processing company signing a contract with a smaller company that specialized in packaging cereals in environment-friendly packs. It was supposed to be something I could have done myself. Around that time, there was some mix-up with my tuition fees. I had to work extra hours to cover the rest of the fee or risk not writing exams. The exams were about two weeks away, and out of sheer stress, I could not concentrate on the proposal. After a few messages and chats, I got the name eHomeWork.ca from a friend. I went to the site without delay. eHomeWork.ca review services I was already seeing mistakes greet my eyes. The company enumerated benefits like:

  • Fast turnaround time.
  • No copying or plagiarism.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • All tasks done by native English speakers.

The site wasn’t bad in outlook, but it had the look of a website assembled by a beginner. No even structure nowhere were writers mentioned. I couldn’t find the qualifications of any writer who worked with them. I couldn’t even find a single review on eHomeWork.ca on the site itself.

The actual outcome from eHomeWork

I decided to order all the paper finally. I got my proposal back, and it looked nothing like ‘yes’. I immediately asked for a revision. The revised copy was even worse. When I finally asked for my refund, I was told I had exceeded the number of actions I could take on this paper. I couldn’t believe my ears. eHomeWork.ca review rates I had to apologize to the lecturer, for not submitting on time. I had to look for a night where I sat down and did the project myself. I don’t recommend such a sorry excuse of a writing service to anyone. Please check the credibility of any writing service you would want to use.

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