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Review of EssayMama.com Writing Services

It has all the properties and outlooks of a well-organized writing service with its i’s dotted and t’s crossed. It should be legit, I thought; I’m no essay guru to decide their overall level. But I do share from what I experienced with them that I am pleased enough never to use them again. All my emotions are in this online essay writing service review.

EssayMama.com review


I will clarify what I mean. I am a second-year student majoring in Linguistics. I was given a theme where I was to write about “How the (tribe of my choice) got their first alphabet”. Sounds historical, but I believe the task promised to be helpful. I am someone who believes in the significance of knowing where we are coming from, even language-wise. Probably we can see from this some ways we can save some tribal languages that might become extinct or are on the decline due to westernization.

I decided to pick on a tribe known as the Igala. From the little I knew, the Igala are located somewhere a little below the middle belt region of Nigeria. I also knew that they are mentioned as one of the minority tribes in the same country. But their language? Even the Nigerian friends I had did not tell me much about the tribe, not to mention the language. My next line of help – find a reliable helper site that would assist my write-up.

Ordering process

Keeping in mind the two-week deadline we all were given, I started browsing for a site. I saw EssayMama.com and I liked the concept of the name. Going through the site was quite pleasant, although I had to constantly close their chat box. The thing kept popping up like an advert. I tried to check the EssayMama.com reviews and found only two. Both were positive.

Review of EssayMama.com Writing Services


I was particularly attracted to their list of unique guarantees:

  • Secure payment network.
  • A specific discount on a specific number of pages.
  • A welcome discount of 20% (most sites offered 15%)
  • Confident and expert writers holding various degrees.

I tried to check if I could find more information about the writers but I found none. Still giving them the benefit of the doubt, I checked for samples. There were none. How would you own a writing service this prolific and well-designed without a single sample? Or it could be that it all came down to the chat support, which still kept popping up in an annoying manner. I decided to converse. With the help of a polite chat operator, I finally got a writer. We were in close contact from day one. He was helpful and decent.

EssayMama.com review prices


Not so happy ending

I got my paper a day before submission, and happily went to submit it. Only for my teacher to fail me! I couldn’t understand why. I told my friends about it. On requesting to see the paper, they discovered the writer had written instead about the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. And it was easy to guess why my teacher knew this at once – he was of a mixed lineage. And his grandmother was from the Igbo tribe; he had told us this on numerous occasions.

I won’t recommend this writing service to anyone. Please find another service to write your essay. If you have no clear idea of a theme, just say so and cut out the niceties.

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