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Review of EssayPro.com Writing Services

It’s logical to follow the opinion of those who have tried out a thing before you, isn’t it? You trust their judgements even more if they claim to have used a service more than twice. You assume that they went back because they were satisfied with what they got. And you get the impression that it’s safe to use such a service. In my case, as I saw it, these assumptions are not always legit. EssayPro.com review I must admit that I’m neither perfect nor an ingrate, but when a set of people decide to be untruthful to me, it hurts my senses out. I was in my second year of studies in a Music Academy, and our teacher is an ardent follower of history. He took it a bit further by giving each of us a classical musician to research on. I was given a composer by the name W. Byrd. We were asked to write on “The contributions of (named musician) to solidifying the place of classical music” and turn it in within 3 weeks. I am a very big fan of my course, however the history segment in any subject is my weakest point. I was looking at my screen for hours, trying to see how I could start off something. Coincidentally an ad popped up in my search feed and the name EssayPro.com with it. Prior to this I had never come in contact with an essay writing service before; I decided to give the website a look. So it`ll be essay service review on EssayPro.com.

EssayPro promises

I found the theme welcoming. The description of their services was quite very apt:

  • Providing unique, fresh content.
  • Affordable services.
  • Timely turn-over of assigned tasks.
  • The ‘best’ customer support team.
  • Ability to tackle any topic.

  EssayPro.com review how to order Any topic? That got me. I immediately opened the chat box, where a welcome message awaited me already. The message nudged me to look around (which I did, obviously) and then make my order. I placed my question and waited for a reply. A friendly-seeming individual got into the chat room and assured me they would get a writer to work on my request. I was asked to wait. The writers were all displayed on a page, over a hundred of them. I was already confident I was getting into good hands so I messaged the chat operator. I wanted to find out if a writer had been found. I was directed to wait a little further. In the meantime, I checked the frequently asked questions segment, and was somewhat confused. This is because I noted some lexical discrepancies that were too petty for a site of their suggested caliber. I decided not to pay attention; people make mistakes too. I finally got a writer and placed my order. The paper arrived 14 days later. I saw the same mistakes again, even worse. The funny part is that when I read through the EssayPro.com essay writing service reviews, they all rated the service as excellent, the best, no mistakes at all (although several of them showed why they had needed the service by how they wrote their comments). Review of EssayPro.com  

End results

I didn’t have much time left to start bickering for a refund; I had to forward it to my teacher that way. I later had to re-do it. Did I mention that I found no samples of previously done essays? I urge you all to find another writing service out there. I’m back to using my wits.

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