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Review of EssayRepublic.com Writing Services

I was given one of the lowest grades ever this semester. Not because I’m not smart or intelligent enough. My simple mistake lay in the terrible excuse of an essay I submitted on global warming that accounted for 50% of my score for the semester. If I had known beforehand that the importance attached to it was more than what it seemed to be, I won’t have trusted EssayRepublic.com writing experts.

Review of EssayRepublic.com Writing Services

Paper quality issues

I am not as mark-oriented as I might seem. I just feel that I was cheated on this one. The quality I requested was a far cry from the one I got. For me to sit down and start editing my work myself, particularly because I did not want to get answered by nonchalant workers – it was unpleasant.

My English teacher did not want to set a full-fledged exam for us. He decided to break it down into two parts. The essay carried half of the mark and our previous tests for the semester shared the remaining mark with the short exam we were supposed to have 6 weeks from the commencement of the essay.

My topic was on “Global Warming: familiarity to the extent of ignorance”. I was to write about humans getting so familiar with the term that they forget the true effects this phenomenon carries. I was given a specific structure – introduction, three points and a conclusion. My word count was supposed to be 800-1000 words. The teacher aimed to check our ability to use words, our knowledge of English Language lexis and structure since we were foreign students and our ability to construct our ideas. We all set out to search out our topics.

Review of EssayRepublic.com Writing Services

EssayRepublic.com features

I decided I needed a tiny break since I worked very hard all through the semester. My plan was to get expert writer services online to handle my essay while I tended to other things. I searched until I came to EssayRepublic.com and saw some unique features which caught my attention. They included:

  • All writers being extremely skilled
  • Only Native English-speaking people employed. (This was important for me)
  • Uniqueness at its peak; all essays written from scratch.
  • Round-the-clock customer support services.

I dived into the samples, and I liked the quality I saw. Although the pricing was a bit too high for me, I was gunning for the best and I knew it would cost me extra all the same. I checked out the writers – they all had positive ratings. The EssayPublic.com writing service reviews I read told me I was in the right place.

Review of EssayRepublic.com Writing Services

With the help of a very friendly chat representative, I placed my order and happily went about my business. In my mind I was going to get an A for English semester. Only for me to get my paper and I was really shocked at what I saw – shoddily written, the words were either used in the wrong tense or misspelt. I immediately phoned them and demanded a revision of my work. I was told it would be looked into. This was two days to submission. To cut the story short I had to edit it myself, and since I had little time, I could only do that much to save what I could.

I do not recommend this unruly site to anyone. Look elsewhere for quality work. This is not the place for such, you can see that in my essay service review.

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