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Review of EssayRoo.com Writing Services

I would never have had any business sitting in front of my computer, furiously typing away if I did not come across such a disservice. Actually, the plan was to keep it to myself, but then I thought about how many more people would get into such trap if I didn’t speak up. I decided to share my experience; I can never tell whom it would help out there.

Review of EssayRoo.com Writing Services

“The effects of deforestation on the future of ecological balance” was the topic I was given to present for my school’s 23rd annual bio conference. The conference was scheduled to hold two months from the time the topic was given. Exactly a month before, my mother fell ill. She had somehow gotten a serious case of pneumonia and I had to take care of her. This greatly reduced the timeframe I had to research the topic to my professor’s satisfaction.

To my relief, she recovered about thirteen days to the conference. I was supposed to meet up with my supervisor ten days before the conference and I was panicking. I had to create a draft and hand it in to my professor, so that she could check it and give me some advice for a final version. Therefore, I started to search for an essay writing help online and found EssayRoo.com.

What EssayRoo offers

To be sincere, the kangaroo concept is cool and all, but the site in general appeared empty to an extent. I was able to spot out their own set of promises and features:

  • Australian students on the first place. (I commend them for this)
  • World-class quality of given work.
  • Timely and friendly service.
  • 24/7 team support for the customers.

Review of EssayRoo.com writers

These appeared like great points. After all what else does a student need? Asides a quality paper, and of course plagiarism-free work delivered right on time.

The prices appeared a bit tougher than expected. I secretly hoped the first-timer’s discount could help me out with that. And the writer profiles were all faceless; just profile numbers and profile id’s. Lest I forget, I read through an essay writing review on EssayRoo.com writing on the website. The essay review was generally focused on the company’s excellence and full of gratitude. To me, this was a good sign.

What EssayRoo delivers

I finally settled in and ordered my paper. If not for my time constraint, it was a relatively easy topic. Now, this is where the wheels began to turn wrongly. My card was charged the original amount without the discount. I was dumbfounded and immediately contacted the customer service team. The friendly support staff told me they will look into the sudden turn of events. They later contacted me, saying they had no hand in the occurrence, and a third party handled all their payments.

Review of EssayRoo.com discounts

I was already livid because I had plans for that money! When I asked for a total refund, I was told that was against their policy as they seldom gave refunds. The paper was great but lacked context. It looked like it was written by a high school student. Needless to say, the financial aspect was handled with disdain. I won’t recommend this service to anyone. I recommend people to search out other sites. Or get pro-active, and do it yourself.

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