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Review of EssayTyper.com Writing Services

As a Geology student who is totally devoted to his studies, I make tenacious use of my computer all the time. My discipline involves a lot of research, and without a doubt, plenty to type. Having said this, you can picture my dismay when someone hacked into my system through my Google account, and I had to block it. Now, my laptop is the type that did not come with its own Microsoft Office package. Of course, I had thought of buying Office, but I needed to wait until the end of the month. This is because like all other jobs, my part-time job releases salaries strictly at the end of the month. Review of EssayTyper.com Writing Services My dismay was acutely compounded when I wrote the Google support team and was told I’d have to wait for three to five business days. This took place on a Saturday, and I had my latest assignment due on Monday. I had been relying on Google Documents all this while, my bad. Tried downloading another Office-like package, but my laptop kept tagging it as harmful. The paper I was hustling so much to write had to do with the rock types found in Asia’s Himalayas, in comparison to those from Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Mountain, which is found in the eastern part of Africa. I had planned to fix this task once and for all in the morning, with a cup of joe by the side. I had hardly begun when the incident struck.

Getting in touch with EssayTyper

At a loss for options, I phoned a friend who suggested trying an online essay writer. Now, I’ve always been a tad skeptical about online services, especially when it came to essays. But I decided to search and see if I’d find one. And that’s how I stumbled upon EssayTyper.com. What interested me immediately were:

  • unusual website layout
  • vivid promises of excellent custom paper
  • wide variety of writers to choose

Now, this site presented itself as a Word Pad, which was exactly what I needed. There was also the added advantage of the site helping one to draw content from other information sites. I also found the description quite hilarious in a way. While the ability to draw info from other sites was good news to an extent, I knew I had to watch out for plagiarism. So I searched out for EssayTyper.com essay service review and I did find it. I tried looking up the owner and came across a certain ‘baygross’ who was said to have previously worked with Google and Sidewalk labs. Now, things took another turn when I tried to change the topic from the default one present. This proved easy – and unhelpful even when I typed them separately. No suggestions whatsoever. It was somehow unpleasant. I looked up any support channel I could find, and only saw this dude’s email. No chats, no toll-free number, nothing. Now, remember I said my account could only be retrieved the following Friday? Review of EssayTyper.com Writing Services

Is EssayTyper.com legit?

I really doubt it. For a concept so innovative and helpful to be set to certain disciplines, well I don’t know what to say. I did not have a cool experience trying out this site, and I won’t recommend it to anyone in dire need of a ‘last-minute way out’. No, do not try it.

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