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Review of GoNerdify.com Writing Services

To start with, how did I even get involved with an online writing service at all? Oh, I remember now.

Review of GoNerdify.com Writing Services

It was late summer, and my little boy was just getting back from his camping experience. A few days to my own resumption, he somehow took ill with a high temperature. His mother had left him with me when he was only 4. So I worked part-time and studied. My little boy falling ill delayed my resumption by a month. I was not so deterred because his health mattered the most at that moment.

I got back to school, and was greeted with a mound of missed classes and reports. The course teachers sympathized with me, and suggested I write essays on all the topics I missed. This way, they would have a solid basis to award me the grades I missed. I agreed, thinking it would be a piece of cake icing. I never knew I was dealing with tortoise shells!

My reasons for ordering from GoNerdify

The topics were easy, but had so much information. I finally gathered the remaining ‘man’ I had inside and wrote all of the papers. All, except one. My History lecturer gave me a topic on “Crop Cultivation: from the Stone Age to present times”. By the time I got to this topic, my brain was extremely exhausted. I asked for suggestions from friends and they recommended checking online. They told me there were writers online whose job revolved around helping out folks like me.

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So here I am, surfing the net and GoNerdify.com pops onto the feed. Now, when we think ‘nerd’, we think of someone brainy with a pair of glasses; intelligent, intellectual smart. That’s what I expected to see when I clicked on the site. The site has a good structure, but too vague for my liking. What they were promising to their clients included:

  • only experienced writers with a narrow academic specification
  • plagiarism-free papers
  • unlimited revisions option
  • money back guarantee

Sounds legit, I thought and proceeded with an ordering my assignment. The client support representative guided me through this process, and I ended up being free. All I had to do is to wait for my paper done.

Review of GoNerdify.com Writing Services

The outcome

Well, I got my paper 7 hours later than I initially asked. That made me wonder, what if it would be the submission time? I would end up with a failing grade straightaway. When I finally received a paper, the delay stopped being an issue. With the quality they sent me, I was forced spending hours rewriting, editing, and proofreading my essay. Asking for a refund did not help – they told me I used their text as a basis of what I have delivered to my professor, meaning I could get only a discount for my future order. Future order with a company unable to write in proper English? I don’t think so. I won’t recommend using a site that gives ‘general’ information. I don’t even think it’s an essay site. I advise you guys to find another writing service to use or at least go through GoNerdify.com custom essay writing service reviews.

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