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Review of GradeSaver.com Writing Service

My son’s report card came in a bit earlier than usual last semester. I was concerned and tried checking his grades for anything suspicious. That’s where I saw his English scores and I felt disappointed. They were 20% lower than the previous semester’s scores. I was especially angry since I never noticed any changes in his day-to-day conversation trends. I had no explanation whatsoever for how Jayden got such a grade in his report.

Review of GradeSaver.com Writing Service


My research on GradeSaver.com

I decided to do a bit of digging. After a few teenage attempts to cover himself, Jayden told me that his teacher had given him a topic to write on for his final assessment. The topic, “1984: if it was written in the 21st century” was aimed at helping the students understand the existing conditions back then. Jayden’s teacher was of the firm opinion the students will all learn to understand the way the author reasoned during this period. I couldn’t have agreed more.

I interrogated my son a bit more. The GradeSaver.com essay service review came up more than twice. Call me old generation but I find myself wary of online stuff till date. Online essays, online clothing stores, even online writing services. If I don’t see no sample, I have no interest to dive in. My boy is sixteen. I believe he’s smart enough to write his own essays. I decided to find out what drew him to use that site.

Review of GradeSaver.com Writing Service


Here’s what I found:

  • They offer editing services. They confidently boast of offering the best
  • They abhor plagiarism.
  • Their available samples are for research purposes only.
  • You have to be a member to access some essays.

The site itself offered a wide array of services and study guides. I counted about seven essay writing reviews that were related with their services. They all looked positive and upbeat. The clients seemed satisfied. The prices were also in check. I believe the pricing was what attracted my son to the site. There was a large collection of useful materials on the site. But that was by the way.
I went through the site once more. To be sincere, I got a bit lost. I decided to see if I could assess their customer support. I only came across a feedback form.

Review of GradeSaver.com Writing Service


In my own general opinion, the site has so much information, but I just don’t see structure; everything is just all over the place. I got Jay’s paper that he got to edit with these people, and I looked it up against the original document he submitted. I was looking at oil and water; both were so different that it was hard to believe they were the same! I discovered that he had been using this service for a while too. The eyesore of an edit explained why his English scores were that reduced. I did not even bother to message them for a refund; the deed had been done and my son’s grades got anything but saved.


As parents, even if we want our children to use these online services, I would never recommend this one. Find another reliable writing service to use. Or better still, encourage your children to get creative.

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