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Review of MyAssignmentHelp.com Writing Services

Recently, I’ve got an assignment on Literature (Medieval Poetry in particular), which lied in analyzing a piece of writing. This does not sound complex whatsoever, and I would be glad to write it myself but for the volume. The professor (by the way, of one the strictest ones at my university) demanded full 6 pages for a literary analysis. I am not a huge fan of poetry, so that amount of words to write about some poem scared me to my very core.

myassignmenthelp review

Thanks God there is a plenty of essay services online, and I knew the time to use one of them has come. It did not take long to find a few options I had to choose from.

MyAssignmentHelp company has a great website, which dragged my attention. But what convinced me to proceed with an order was a message I saw on the live chat with someone from customer support: they promised to award me with 70% discount if I ordered within 15 minutes (spoiler alert – I did not get that discount). More information about in my honest writing service review.

Ordering process

Anyway, I quickly entered my email, subject (there was no Medieval Poetry option, I picked English Literature), deadline, and volume, so that the system started to process my order. I have to admit that ordering from MyAssignmentHelp is quick and easy. But, after I have ordered, the closer was my due date the more confused I got. And that is why:

  • Weird pricing policy. Even after I filled in all the forms, I did not receive the exact value of my essay. It was displaying “price awaiting” or something similar and waiting for 20+ minutes did not help with finding out the price. I had to chat with a customer support agent, and wasted a decent amount of time literally begging her to tell me the value (my credit balance forces to plan the budget, you know).
  • Discount promises, that turned out to be empty (with my order at least). Remember the 70% off they displayed on the website? Well, I did not get one. The CSR told me that my assignment is not voluminous enough to get a 70% off, but they can award me 10% since I am a new client.
  • Plagiarism issue. The service claimed to deliver original papers only, but since my work had lots of citations and direct quotes, the similarity index was way too high. I am fine with quotations, but I assume that to copy and paste the analyzed poem (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) multiple times is too much for 6-page paper.
  • Last but not least – grammar and writing style in the essay. Although I have not noticed many mistakes, the paper was not university level whatsoever (I was charged for the uni/postgraduate level). When you have an essay in front of you that simply does not correspond your expectations, the only way to get a decent mark is to revise it yourself, which I ended up doing. How is that saving time??

Review of MyAssignmentHelp.com Writing Services

To conclude, I can say that I do not recommend this service. Poor writing style, tricky behavior when it comes to pricing (I paid $80+), and straight cheating to fulfill the ordered amount of pages – these are my associations with MyAssignmentHelp.com essay writing review.

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