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Review of PaperDueNow.com Writing Services

Dissertations can be problematic sometimes, especially when the topic is not well known to many. But a dissertation that has a well-known topic should be able to escape the risk of being written anyhow. As a medical student, I seldom ever used writing services. This is largely because I only heard of such things as essay services when I was in my fifth year of studies. Before then I had gotten quite accustomed to searching the length and width of the internet when I needed additional information.

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My need for an essay-writing service came into play when my partner and I decided to start a family. I took in and for some unknown reasons, my body reacted very significantly. Constant weakness, headaches, nausea and you-know-the-rest. I had an essay topic “The widespread acceptance of laser surgery: at what cost?” and I was supposed to turn it in a month after getting the topic. Midway through the month is when all my ‘episodes’ started. My partner suggested I check online for professional writers who could help complete the essay while I treat the unpleasing symptoms I developed.

That was a reasonable suggestion, and I started searching online. I even asked a few of my friends to help me search for something tangible. While waiting for them, I came across PaperDueNow.com and was intrigued by their outlook and mission statement of providing quality essays. I also warmed up to the fact they had a stable customer support outlay. They had a chat box, a tab linked to Skype calls and a toll-free number. I wanted to know more about the site and tried checking the writers. All my thoughts about this service is in my online essay writing service review.

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PaperDueNow.com promises

The company admitted to having multinationals, but assuredly wrote that they were all checked and had the necessary requirements needed to work as writers. I decided to get a quote. I checked the table of prices and saw that they were quite affordable. They were also fixed and clearly spelt out for varied services. The features offered by the site included:

  • 100% anonymity.
  • Total absence of plagiarism.
  • 100% money return guarantee.
  • No re-selling of essay papers.

Each writing service review on PaperDueNow.com that I read on their own site was positive to the fullest. Not even a single negative report. I smiled to myself, thinking I’ve found the perfect site to deal with my paper. I noted some errors in the description of some services, but ignored them.

I opened an account, placed my order and even got a welcome call from one of their representatives. Everything being set, I chose the 14 days period. To my joy, a week before my submission date I got my paper back. I proceeded to open the document I was sent. That’s where my joy ended.

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The outcome

I stared at my screen for minutes, trying to make sense of what I was sent. It was as if someone went to an informtion site and lifted the whole information, links and all, then put it into a document format. The person was decent enough to make all the lettering the same size. As I kept going through my paper, I just got angry and closed it. I tried calling through but it looked like the line was constantly busy. Even thought the automated message assured me of a call-back, I never got it.

I don’t recommend this service to anyone. Find another tangible company, not one that will ruin your semester’s hard work.

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