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Review of PremierEssay.com Writing Services

Permit me to start off by saying that this is not the only time I have used a writing service and found something unsavory either from the writing company’s presentation or the work delivered to me. I am quite accommodating as a guy, but I am also of the opinion that I have a legit obligation to receive my money’s worth. And first impressions do matter. Let`s read this online essay writing service review NOW!

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For some reasons, the online essay service I usually turn to for help with difficult coursework papers got hacked into. This meant they had to close down for a period while they rebuilt the domain; the virus released destroyed a lot of the site’s pages. Without saying, it caused serious issues for them. Their only saving grace was that no one’s work was in progress when the incident unfolded. Hence they were able to keep the incident relatively hushed.

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This was no saving grace in my then career progress, as I would discover soon. My professor walked into the class that week and dropped weighty topics on our laps. My topic was “Ancient civilizations: a contrast between the Incans and the Maori”. While I was quite familiar with the Incan people, it was the 1st time I knew about the Maoris.

Being fully aware that my favorite writing service was nursing some difficulties, I decided to find another site. While sifting through my feed, I saw the PremierEssay.com essay review on a website. I decided this could be a good choice and proceeded to enter the site.

Review of PremierEssay.com Writing Services

What grabbed my attention on PremierEssay official site

The online essay service had a regal outlook. From the color choice to the organization of items on the main page, I could see the professionalism beckoning to me. I saw about fourteen writing services reviews, all positive. Two were written by one person. He could have just written the information in both reviews in one paragraph, or could it be that this site is keen on numbers?
I was assured the following features:

  • Privacy guarantee.
  • Reasonable pricing system.
  • 100% uniqueness of all their work.
  • Friendly, round-the-clock support team.
  • On-time delivery.

Sounded like a fair deal to me. Although the previous PremierEssay.com reviews I saw did little to convince me (I’m aware these things can be conjured using imaginary names), I still checked out other parts of the online service.

I found the pricing a little too high, especially for a 1st year college student. As a student on government allowance in a foreign country, my finances are already stretched as they are. I looked up the samples provided and I could detect a hint of translation applications. Either that, or the person who wrote some segments of the sample wasn’t a native speaker. I also found a contradiction where the company wrote that its writers were native English speakers, and at the same time they claimed to hire from “all over, the requirement being that they hold a degree from an English-speaking university”. The fact that someone graduated from an English university does not guarantee perfect diction or grammar construction.

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My conclusions

I think the site is great, but I will order my essay from another site while they fix their English error problem. I don’t recommend this essay company for use; search out another variant to use and PLEASE, thoroughly check the grammar used to describe the domain. Representation will tell you everything you need to be aware of.

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