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Review of SameDayEssay.com Writing Services

This will by first time of submitting an essay service review on an essay site. I had always wanted to find the opportunity to leave a review that would help others make good choices. Or avoid the mistakes I happened to make out of ignorance. Although as a person, I used to believe that I had a responsibility to write all my coursework myself. I always strove to find information on the internet, and there were times it proved unsuccessful. I kept trying until one day I got ‘tired’ and decided to try a writing site. samedayessay review

Looking for a writer to cover a specific topic

My professor gave me an assignment with a topic on “The structure of today’s earth crust as opposed to the Stone Age: effects of industrialization”. The topic alone knocked me off my feet. Quite funny, but my laughter evaporated when I discovered that I had just four days to turn it in! I was every bit convinced that this lady was out to reduce my semester’s score; I had been maintaining a steady, perfect score because I needed to keep my scholarship secured. I came across a site that promised to get me the required information, but the catch here was a year-long subscription. The price was, well, above my monthly stipend. Knowing I had to look for an option, I immediately searched for ideas on how to write essays on a relatively tight budget. I stumbled on to online essay writing companies. Then SameDayEssay.com caught my eye. samedayessay prices review

Why SameDayEssay appealed to me

Thinking back now, I believe the name attracted me because I thought the essay would be ready that same day. On getting to the site, I decided to check for the different types of services. I was very impressed with what I saw. I decided to read about the site. The site boasted of the following qualities:

  • Experienced writers.
  • No traces of plagiarism.
  • Quality delivery, with a money-back guarantee if something does not tally for the customer.
  • Ability to earn bonus points with each order.

The last point sounded very interesting. My inner detective decided to search for any SameDayEssay.com essay writing service reviews, but I couldn’t lay my hands on any review written by a person. The ones I saw were posted on sites, and the people posting were not even shown. The ‘bonus points’ part was still tingling and eliciting positive vibes in my head. I discovered the customer support to be very standard – a chat box section and two numbers. Whether they were toll-free or not, it wasn’t indicated. review how samedayessay works

The ‘but’

I was further impressed that the writers were shown, with the lowest degree being a B.Sc. However, their names were not written beside their profiles. I then decided to do my last ‘detective work’ before making an order. I went to the page where there were samples of every category, in order to check out the formats and have an idea of what I would get. The samples were impressive, but I noticed a few grammatical inconsistencies in one SameDayEssay.com essay in particular. Also, I realized that the samples were dated almost eight years before now. To say I was shaken was an understatement. For a company that claims to be expanding, wouldn’t it had been considerable to update the things that represent you? I do not recommend this site for use by people. Let me see some fresh content, then I might think of something. For now, my advice is for people to find other writing sites. Or legit do your paper yourself.

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