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Review of TrustMyPaper.com Writing Services

I would never have thought of looking for a writing service online. But the recent weather spikes left my little babies with moderate cases of flu (I’m a young single mother of twins), and I had no choice. I was just a paper away from completing my master’s degree in Paleontology. I had spent quite the time with the boys in the hospital; family takes precedence.

trustmypaper.com review

Anyway, my paper’s topic was “The effects of climate changes on reproduction in ancient living organisms”, implying of course that I needed much more time than I had to get this paper completed in order to sign out of my course.

Reaching out and ordering from TrustMyPaper

I got on my laptop two days before my expected deadline and decided to search for writing services. I stumbled on about two TrustMyPaper.com essay writing reviews, and they sounded very affirmative. I then headed over to the site to do a little check-over of mine.

As expected, I found the main page full of every enticing thing you find – 15% discount, an almost 100% loyalty rate & the likes. I immediately fell in love with the structure of the site. The theme was simple, the fonts visible enough to read even without my glasses. The company’s overview story wasn’t so clear to me, but I could understand they promised a 24-hour customer service. I was a bit confused though as to why there were only about five or seven testimonials available to view. Was it because I haven’t logged in or signed up? But the company’s write-up mentioned a few interesting goodies:

  • The ability to choose your own writer
  • Ability to write an overnight essay. (Oh, goody!)
  • No plagiarism (they promised)
  • Ability to write on any topic.
  • They wrote of being able to continue a piece of work I already started – and make it look like a pure result of my own efforts!

trustmypaper.com prices review

Wonderful standards, in my opinion. Anyways I focused once more on the reviews because I needed to get things done as possible. They did some justice to dispel a good part of my “TrustMyPaper.com scam” theory. The company wrote that they have been in business for ‘several years’. Vague, if you ask me. Then I decided to see if I could get something on the average number of essays written for a period of time. ’36 thousand’ was what I saw. Thirty-six thousand essays annually – and only five available essay service reviews for viewing?

Writers issues

The company wrote about 600 plus qualified writers, but nowhere did I get to see their names, at least. Talk less of qualifications. But as I said, no time to waste. I decided to try placing an order. Very effective, fast approach. The glitch came when I typed Paleontology in the ‘area of interest’ and found nothing. I decided to go to the customer care service. The customer support works through a chat system majorly. There is also a toll-free number to call.

But I got on the chat and was responded to immediately by a guy (I will call him C). He was quite courteous, and after a few questions, to my disappointment, he informed me they couldn’t work on my topic. I felt quite bad but politely ended the chat.

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The bottom line

I won’t recommend this writing service. I believe transparency is key. All topics mean ALL. I don’t believe customers deserve to be deceived just so they can place an order. I would recommend trying out another writing service. I understand trying one out does not speak for all, but getting this on a 1st trial does not encourage me to even consider another service.

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