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Review of WritingBee.com Writing Services

I was scheduled to represent my school at a forum on the importance of plants to the conservation of our ecology. Particular attention was to be paid to the rate of decline observed with certain species of plants. My own topic was on the “Attenborough’s pitcher plant: is the giant in danger?” and was intended to focus on the rate at which a decline in the population of this plant has been marked over the years. I had already gotten plans in motion to start the paper.

Review of WritingBee.com Writing Services

My starting step was to visit a botanical garden that had assured me I could try out at least two experiments with the three Attenborough’s pitchers they had. I was already set on this, only for me to wake up on the day of the journey with a terrible headache that refused to abate even when I took some drugs. I wasn’t able to visit the garden anymore because I spent the next two weeks treating high blood pressure. And there was no clue as to what could have caused it. During the time I was sick, the botanical garden experienced an administrative shift. The new admin staff banned any experimental practices on any of the plants in their care.

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It was quite disheartening that by the time I got my health back, I had nothing to work with. My only option was to turn to an essay writing service. I tried checking a few that popped up on my search feed, but I wasn’t convinced. I scrolled through the pages until I came across a WritingBee.com custom essay writing service review. The review looked positive, and genuine. I dove in without a pause.

How writingbee.com works

After scanning the front page in order to grasp what the site entailed, I was quite happy with the following qualities I saw:

  • Top-notch quality of papers.
  • Speedy, timely delivery.
  • Plagiarism-free.
  • Total privacy

I thought to myself, this is the best thing I’ve seen today. I decided to surf the site, checking out other features. I noted that the writers were more or less shrouded in secrecy. I did not find any way to confirm that they held the appropriate degrees, as the site claimed they did. The customer support was friendly, sincerely. They replied within 50 seconds on an average; I could say they were doing their job diligently. There was also a phone number available if you wanted to speak to them on the phone.

In general, the site has a good structure. I noted again that in all my search for an essay service review of WritingBee.com, I found only two. Two? With several years of experience, only two feedbacks?

writingbee papers examples

And then I began to notice some embarrassing typo errors in the introduction texts of their ‘about us’ page. Poor use of tenses, and a part looked like it was lifted off Google’s language interpreting app. I decided to check the few available samples. To my dismay, the latest sample was over seven years old. A lot of things can change in seven years. I was unimpressed, to say the least.

Is WritingBee.com legit?

I believe it is. Would I recommend it to others? Um, no. they have a grammar problem to fix. Until they fix it, please feel free to check out other writing sites.

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