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Is Edubirdie Legit?

There has been a lot of concern recently in the academic world about essay writing services like Edubirdie and whether companies are offering illegal services to students. There have even been intense discussions on sites such as reddit about whether it is legit. What should be said from the very beginning is that if you are worried about this, you should read this information Is Edubirdie legit? It is.

First of all, it should be said that yes, the company is legal and legit and students should not be deterred from using the writing services to assist them with assignments, essays, and exams. There is a reason that over 20,000 students use these services every year. They are a fantastic study aid.

Let’s go in detail about what this legit service is, and the worries people are having, looking at the views of students and professors, as well as the legal perspective. Ultimately, this guide will explain is edubirdie legit and what the future looks like for this academic sphere.

What is Edubirdie?

In order whether Edubirdie is legit and if it is wrong in the eyes of students and professors, it is important to understand what this company provides and the services it offers. Essentially, Edubirdie is an organisation that creates custom written essays for students that need help. The idea is that if you are having problems with an assignment, you can use this company as a legit way to have a paper written up for your needs.

It is important to say that this custom written essay is to be used as a guide. A lot of the time guidance from lecturers and professionals at school and college has been hard to find. This means that student ends up failing assignments because they cannot get the help they need. By using legit essay writing services like Edubirdie, you can improve your grades without doing anything wrong.

Some examples of essay titles are:

  • Should there be more gun control legislation?
  • Is global warming going to be a threat to humanity?
  • Discuss the Civil War and why it was significant.
  • Did Great Britain really appease Germany during World War II?

Is It a Reliable Service?

So, is Edubirdie reliable? Absolutely. It is a legit service that is always ready to help students when they need it the most. A lot of people ask, edubirdie if I don’t like the paper, do I get money back. The answer to this is yes. By law, if you are not happy with the product or service, you are entitled to be refunded for your expenses. The company makes sure it follows the law and is legit on this point. To answer the question is edubirdie safe? Yes, everything is designed to be safe for the user.

How Much is Edubirdie?

The price of a paper will vary depending on how long it is. Students usually make a deposit at the beginning. Their money is only released after they are satisfied with the paper that they receive. This ensures that it is not a scam and it is legit, with them getting the work that they need. It is always made affordable for students to receive help from Edubirdie.

Is Edubirdie Legit – the Different View Points

Now on the main part that you will want to know about. Is Edubirdie legit in the eyes of students, educational institutions and the law? The short answer is yes is it viewed as legit by all three, but let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

The Legal Perspective

First of all, there are no legislation or bills in place that says writing an essay for a student is illegal. In other words, there are no laws in place that can stop websites selling essays; it is legit. As the BBC has pointed out:

edubirdie legit bbc


Therefore, when writing services are used in the correct way and as a way to help you write your own essay, there is nothing illegal about them. They are legit. If you misuse the essay you receive, it is still not illegal. Although, it would not be using the essay responsibly and you would be doing this against the rules of Edubirdie. While it would not be illegal, morally, it would not be right to do this.

The Student’s Perspective

Writers are there to help students when they are having difficulty with an essay. Help can be hard to find, and often tutors are too expensive since they have to pay tuition fees. Using a service like Edubirdie is a way to learn without breaking the bank. Writers are providing a model answer that the student can use as part of their study. So, does edubirdie work? Absolutely, seeing the best way to write on a topic serves as a good learning material to use.

Of course, a lot of people assume ask is edubirdie cheating? The answer is definitely no. The model answers are created for students to use legally as a study aid. They are not to be copied or submitted as their own work. Thus:

edubirdie is legal


There is a certain element of responsibility expected from the student. The company makes it clear that the essays that are created should be for study use only. But it will be the responsibility of that student to listen. To repeat; there is nothing that is considered cheating about this activity that should worry you as long as you use the service correctly as a student.

Educational Institution’s Perspective

Of course, everyone wants to know the opinion from teachers and professors on is Edubirdie legit. Again, they do not have a problem with service as long as it is used as a studying aid, rather than a way to cheat. As long as it is used for research and for reference, it is fine. It is like hiring a tutor or someone to help you with your work if you are struggling to understand concepts.

But Edubirdie should never be used to cheat, and you should never submit someone else’s work and say you write it. You own the paper, and it is your responsibility to use it correctly and in a legit manner that it was ordered for.

Conclusion on Edubirdie

To answer the question is edubirdie legit, the answer is yes, it is legit. This is a fully legal service that can be used by students across the globe. There is no legislation that bans students from accessing these learning services, and you can use custom essays as study aids.

In terms of what students and teachers think, they are both in agreement that it is legit. This is a service that can help with studying, and as long as it is not abused, it can be used to your advantage.
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  1. AUTHORNorman

    on July 19, 2019 at 11:37 am - Reply

    I have used this site personally and can confirm that it is legitimate and offers a quality array of services. I think some of the confusion is coming from EdubirdiesORG and EdubirdieCOM – EdubirdieCOM is the official, legitimate site – this is the one I have used to help with my studies. EdubirdiesORG, however, is a fraudulent site as I understand it. It appears to be a blatant copy of Edubirdie and has had a myriad of complaints lodged against it. Don’t make the mistake of confusing the two sites:
    – Edubirdie – Legit
    – Edubirdies – Not legit
    So down to the actual services offered by the LEGITIMATE website. You can basically gain help with writing essays. This can be done either by purchasing an actual paper or using one of the different essay tools available. The tools are as follows:
    – Plagiarism Checker
    – Paraphrasing Tool
    – APA-citation generator
    The plagiarism checker is similar to Grammarly but operates in a different way and has more features. I have used that several times to check the spelling/grammar of my work. The actual essay writing service is certainly legitimate. I went through the order process to gain help with a history assignment I had. I received a well-written paper at the end in the timeframe I had specified. Basically, the site delivered on what it promised.

  2. AUTHORSusan

    on July 19, 2019 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Having worked for Edubirdie for a lengthy period of time, I can certainly vouch for their validity. I appreciate that there are websites like this that do not offer a reputable, quality service – this can obviously tar people’s perceptions of essay services. Edubirdie, however, does offer a legitimate service – this is speaking from my own personal experience.
    As a writer, I have insight into the processes and how things work – what you see is what you get basically. Customers basically come to the website and follow the order process. They give details of what they require and then they choose a writer (hopefully me!). We then do the grunt work and create whatever type of paper they have requested. The work is intense – I have often had to work too quick deadlines and some of the subjects can be tough! But that in itself has only worked to improve my own skills and give me a greater knowledge of different topics and assignments types.
    Working for Edubirdie continues to be a pleasure. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the business then fear not. As a customer, you get exactly what you request/pay for – there is nothing untoward about the website and its practices.

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